The importance of Mindset for healthy weight loss

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When it comes to being overweight or obese, the old adage, “We are what we think” has never been truer. It is not about eating too much or the lack of exercise but your mindset that more often than not can be the real cause of your weight problems. Your mindset can manifest your relationship with food and the relationship with your body.

As a result of different factors which can include your environment, experiences, education, genes, you have formed a mental attitude on how to do things by default— on an autopilot and habitual manner. This is your mindset composed of your thoughts and beliefs which influence your feelings, making you behave the way you are, which eventually become your habits resulting to how you interact with your world and define how you respond to situations.And the cycle is endless—if you don't choose to re-wire yourself and address your mindset.




Take for instance, the belief you have accepted as being a true fact which says, "I feel better when I eat. Eating is my only way of coping with loneliness and sadness." The thing is; this is operating from a subconscious level brought about by various factors some of which were already mentioned above and we don't even know we have this kind of mindset which triggers potent emotions within us. This can lead you to behave in an automatic manner that every time you are sad or feeling low, you eat.

Since you do this every time it has become a habit—an unhealthy eating habit that you do without even thinking.

This can be a really difficult pattern to break. However, this pattern from our mindset to our eating habits which result in being overweight or obese is totally under our control! Your weight is the result of your mindset.

Therefore, you can do something about it. Break the pattern and form new ones. Beliefs that are not serving you anymore can be changed.And studies show that you can rewire your brain and change your mindset.

So,if your relationship with food is on autopilot and you are not happy with the results, then the key is to turn off the autopilot and become conscious of what you are thinking and doing. To attain a mindset of health and energy is simply to change your mindset.

Now, here's a very important tip. There are people who can flip their mindset like a switch and immediately see the results (even overnight). But for some, it can get very tough before it becomes easy and effortless. Just remember to always work from the point of strength and positivity rather than weakness and negativity. Instead of concentrating on a weight loss mindset or being overweight or obese and losing the pounds— which can be in the negative tone, focus on a healthy mindset which is more of the positive one. Think—I love my body and I am fit and healthy.

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