The Dangers of Extreme Weight Loss

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DangerA healthy weight loss is no more than three pounds a week according to health experts and medical professionals. In my other post, I wrote that it is not even how much you lose but how you lose it that makes it healthy.Change in lifestyle, the right mindset, a balanced diet and exercise remain to be the safest methods on how to lose the extra weight. (Read How much weight loss is Healthy to lose weekly?)

It is also extremely important to consider how transformation takes its course. I mean consider an acorn before it becomes an oak tree—it takes time.

I do believe that anything that endures involves time. Losing weight requires time.

But here you are inspired by stories like Roger Bannister who became the first man to run a mile in under four minutes—when everybody thought it cannot be done—thinking, "I can do it. I can lose weight at a much faster rate and still be safe!"

To top it off, there are extreme weight loss methods that can lure youlike the Piper's music with the promise of losing as much as 20 to 30 pounds in just a couple of weeks.

It can be done! There's no question about it.

But before you do it, consider some of the dangers of extreme weight loss to your health:


In a healthy wealth loss program, water intake is very important. It is recommended that you drink water before meals to prevent you from overeating and to drink water during exercise to replace the fluids you lose.

In extreme weight loss programs, most of the weight you lose comes from water instead of losing fat and calories you gradually burn when you do a healthy weight loss plan. This can lead to dehydration which is very risky to your health.


Most programs for extreme weight loss will make you go through a very low-calorie diet. However, you will need a lot of energy in order to do daily activities and function normally which you may not sufficiently have because your body has been deprived of a sufficient amount of calories.

You won't only feel too tired and sleepy to do your regular routine, but you also won’t have the energy to exercise – which is one of the best and safest methods to lose weight.


Since you are following a diet that's very low in calories, chances are you are not eating healthy and depriving yourself of the appropriate nutrients your body needs. Remember that a balanced diet consists of the right amount of protein, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. A deficiency of these nutrients can lead to malnutrition and some serious repercussions to your health.

Mental and emotional difficulties

Studies show that those who go through extreme weight loss have problems with concentrating and trying to think clearly.It can be due to the lack of glucose required for the brain to function normally. Following a very restrictive diet can deplete your glucose and energy which can disrupt your mental processes causing the likes of a mental fog for instance.

Emotionally, one can also experience mood swings which can range from depression to irritability.

When you are tempted to go through an extreme weight loss, always bear in mind the old and simple adage, "Anything that is too much is bad!"

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