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Foods That Make You Fat

Posted on: August 20th, 2014 by Hayley James No Comments

Are you obsessed with losing weight? Every single pound that you lose makes a difference, that’s why you're very careful with what you eat – right?  Although it may be true that cutting down your food intake can help you lose unwanted pounds, there are a couple of foods you simply should give up and exclude from your diet plan. This could be the same foods that you need to give your body the nutrients, however they could be the same foods that make you fat. This is sad but true.

Here are the top foods that can be good for your body but can make you fat if eaten in excess.

Lean Meat

If you are trying to gain extra pounds, the protein in meat may be your best friend. However, if you are trying to lose weight, remember to eat meat in moderation. Meat is a good source of iron and protein to give you more energy to get through the day. Limit your portion size to two matchbox slices of lean meat once or twice a week.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is made of good fats and is a rich source of protein, however, if you want to lose weight you might want to stay away from peanut butter, but if you can’t stay away from it, you can limit your intake of it. 

Whole Milk

Dieticians often say that milk is a good substitute for those who are trying to lose weight. Indeed, it provides the body with nutrients that it needs while it does not provide the bad type of fat. However, consumption of whole milk can make you gain weight. Each glass is equal to 60 calories.

We have all heard the saying that we can eat whatever we want to if we eat in moderation.  So for successful weight loss perhaps the only thing that can save you from getting fat is to control the amount you consume. Some foods may be organic and natural but as long as you are eating more than you should, you will be in danger of gaining weight you’re not meant to gain. 

Are You NOT Losing Weight? (Discover The Top Reasons Why)

Posted on: June 16th, 2014 by Hayley James No Comments

why are you not losing weight

Have you been starving yourself, counting calories and working out yet nothing seems to happen about your weight? You can’t begin to think of what has happened and where all the effort has gone. Finding yourself in such a scenario can strip you off all the hope that you can ever lose all the excess weight you’ve got. Knowing that others are wondering about the same thing does not help at all. So, whathappened? Sadly, the answer to this question does not come by easily.

When you seem to be doing all the right things but you’re not getting any progress, there are a couple of things that could be causing it. Here are the hard truths about weight loss and why some weight loss efforts do not really work.

Exercising andstill NOT losing weight?

Exercising means burning all the extra calories in the body, that’s why it is very important in a weight loss program that you engage yourself in calorie-burning activities. However, most of those who engage in exercise over calculate the calories they have burned. Remember that exercising does not guarantee that you will lose all the extra weight, so if you still eat a lot after you exercise, there will be no weight loss. Sadly, you might be eating up all the calories you burned.

Eating Healthy? Not really.

Your eating habits can pretty much tell you the reason why you are overweight. Most of the weight problems that people have blame it on the lack of exercise when the truth is that their food intake in the main culprit for the problem. Do you think you are eating healthy? Well, nobody really admits that the diet that they keep in unhealthy. If you compare yourself to the diet that other people follow, you can pretty much say that yours in the healthier one. But is it the healthiest diet option? You know you can so much better.

Stop and think again why you are not losing weight and these two factors will tell you why. Once you have overcome the problem dealing with these two, you can get your ideal weight in a matter of months. 

Top Weight Loss Benefits On Your Health

Posted on: June 12th, 2014 by Hayley James No Comments

weight loss benefits

Apart from getting your dream body, losing weight has got positive effects on your health too. If you get any luckier, losing weight might even help you cut down on costs and have bigger savings by the end of each year. If your goal is to get a size or two down from your original weight, then you must always choose the healthier way to lose weight. Putting yourself on a crash diet won’t do any good. In fact, it might just cause you more harm than good. So what health benefits do you get out of losing weight? Here’s the top in a list.

  • Move it! Losing excess fat will help you move around with more ease and confidence. By then, it won’t matter anymore what type of exercise that you do as long as you keep moving for at least four hours a day.
  • Be Noticeable. You get more job opportunities or maybe even a raise when your boss sees that you are in control of your weight. Overcoming your weight problem will send the right signal that you are in control of your life.
  • Increase savings. Cutting down on calories means cutting down on spending too. By the end of each month, you’ll have increased savings in your pocket, cushioning your wallet in a very positive way.
  • More confident. Losing the excess weight will make you feel good from the inside. Not only do you wake up with a healthier body, but you will wake up feeling good about yourself.
  • Minimize health risks. Losing unwanted fat in the body will save you from serious health risks. Because you only drink and eat what is good for you, your body will be able to adjust to absorb only the natural nutrients of your food intake.

When will you decide to lose weight? The first step to achieving better health is convincing yourself that you need to make it happen now. Perhaps reading about what others had to go through before would inspire you that this positive change can happen to you too.