Recording your successful weight loss journey in a dairy

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ID-10046773What's journaling got to do with your weight loss success?

You'd be surprised to discover that recording your successful weight loss journey in a diary is in fact one of the best tools you can utilize to attain the weight you desire faster.

It's amazing, right? But studies actually reveal that coupled with a weight management program, food journaling can double your weight loss. It shows that the more food records people kept, the more weight they lost. Those who kept daily food records lost twice as much weight as those who kept no records. (Ref: Keeping a Food Diary Doubles Diet Weight Loss)

It looks like the simple act of recording the successes you have in losing weight motivates you even further to consume fewer calories. Aside from that here are some of the reasons why you should start journaling your weight loss journey in a diary:

1. You can keep track of what you eat in your diary

You can't keep track of what you eat and how much calorie you have consumed in your memory. Your subconscious mind will probably remember all that but your conscious mind will eventually lose the little details throughout your program. It pays off to have them written down in black and white.

Over time, your diary will actually make you develop healthier habits without you noticing them.

2. You can easily monitor you weight loss management program

By seeing exactly your activities in your diary—what you eat everyday, your exercise regimen, etc.— you can easily monitor and evaluate your program. You can start to assess certain types of food out of your diet or add more hours to your exercise program.  You can easily assess whether you're not getting enough vegetables into your diet or you're skipping lunch a little too often.

Your diary will be your sounding board and record the things that you do and the food that you eat.

3. You can easily plan out your meals and activities

It is because you can monitor what you eat through your journal, knowing what you lack or what you indulge in can help you plan out your diet a little better than ever before.

You can actually take advantage of your diary to plan out your meals and organize your schedule for your exercise. This way you can easily stick to your program and not miss anything important rather than rely on random things you are accustomed to doing.

Some people may say that there's no need to keep a diary and journal your journey throughout.  However, keeping a diary can really help you to work out what’s going on.

Besides, it is not too much to update and journal as you eat. It will be too much if you forget the relevant details later on because you did not record things.

And you don't have to be specific. You can do whatever works for you personally and whatever fits your lifestyle. Plus, you've got different ways of doing it—try using a post-it note or download a spreadsheet online for free (Use google docs J). Be creative.

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