How to easily cut 100 Calories from your daily intake

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untitledThe issue of being overweight and/or managing obesity can be as simple as decreasing your calorie intake by 100 calories a day.If you think about it, eating just a little less is not really such a tall order compared to a lot of weight loss programs out there. It can be relatively easy on your part and be the solution to zap away the extra pounds without having to resort to just eating rabbit food.

The best weight loss news reveals that people who lowered their calorie intake lost an average of 13 pounds in six months no matter what kind of diet they were on. This means you don't have to be in a program where you don't like what you eat, as that would make it difficult to stick to. But cutting calories from your daily intake will give you the leeway to shape up and still enjoy your favorites.

How does that sound to you?

Cut 100 calories a day and you'll lose more than 10 pounds a year. These easy and practical steps will guide you along the way:

  • Cut the Calories

    Once again losing weight doesn't have to mean you will only be munching on carrots.The only thing that will slim down on this one is your success in sustaining it. Just cut the calories from what you are eating and eat fewer of them.

  • Cutting off the bottom crust

    Say yes to pie! Just don't consume all of it until you have scraped off the bottom. And when it comes to layer cakes, decrease the damage by 100 calories if you shave off the bottom.

  • Get an alternative for what you can ignore

    You can switch or swap something that is lower in calories whilst sticking to your regular foods. For instance, I bet you can almost ignore the taste between oil packed and water packed tuna. Well, opting for an alternative will get you your 100-plus decrease in calories, but chances are you won’t even notice the switch.

  • Substitute Your Liquids

    How about going for a seltzer than a soda? Or a glass of water and an orange juice instead of two mugs of creamy coffee? This will definitely save you 100 calories a pop.

  • Take out the Skin

    You can cut off 100 calories if you remove the skin from a serving of poultry. It's even healthier for you. A word of advice though, remove the skin after baking or broiling to keep it moist and yummy.

  • Lighten your intake of carbs

    Pizza, rice and potatoes— yeah, I know. It can be difficult to say no to this especially when your mashed potatoes are so creamy. Enjoy them, why not. But just lighten up your intake of them and save yourself hundreds of extra calories.

  • Slow down on the alcohol

    The ones with the little umbrella on them pose the greater danger. One concoction with two to five ounces of alcohol and a mixer equals 300 to 700 calories. Take the one-drink limit and go for a light beer with only about 100 calories for 12 ounces and keep happy hour under control.

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