How to avoid weight loss Plateaus

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Are you in a weight loss plateau?

Were you feeling motivated with the pounds you have been shedding off for months, then all of a sudden, you feel as if it is going nowhere—the scales won't budge anymore?

Is that it? Is it time to throw in the towel and go back to being a couch potato and gain the weight back twice? Or would you want to have the skills to recover from this and move on?

If you think of giving up, you need to know that weight loss plateaus are VERY common.

A weight loss plateau is normal even if you are into a good health program. From time to time you will be experiencing a relapse of some sort. Somewhere hidden in the depths of your unconscious mind is the resistance to change. The body thinks it is just protecting you from change. That's why it can be stubborn from change.

Weight loss also slows down the leaner you become. The more weight you lose and the lesser you will see that loss. Your body will work harder to hold on to your fat stores during weight loss.So instead, try to see this as a sign of encouragement.

Here are some strategies for you to try which will motivate you again into keeping up and overcoming your weight loss plateaus:

1. Visualize a healthy and vibrant you

The mind is a very potent instrument. Take advantage of it to attain your desired weight and maintain it. Visualize yourself in a gorgeous black dress.And let your good emotions flow to inspire you into action.

2. Keep a journal of your food intake and weight loss journey Keeping a diary of your daily food intake and your total journey towards losing the pounds will help you track where you're going. This will monitor your progress, your behaviors and even your failures. Read more on Recording your successful weight loss journey in a dairy and discover what journaling has got to do with your weight loss success.

3. Continuity is crucial

Continuity in your exercise program is very crucial. Maintain the exercises and the structure of the workouts in your program, that way you can monitor the changes in your strength and fitness levels.

4. Vary your physical activity

Aside from your exercise routine, go dancing, walking, running, swimming. Or engage in a favorite past time like gardening or biking. Try to do a range of different activities that you love to keep your program from being monotonous and boring.

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