Common mistakes on a weight loss diet

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Without knowing it, we are probably making mistakes with the way we lose weight because of our diet. These eating mistakes may have a huge impact on our weight, health and even the quality of life we lead.

Here are the common mistakes on weight loss diet:

It’s ok to take in as much 'good' calories as we like

Fact is energy in=energy out is the right equation.

If you don’t burn off as many calories as you take in, you will be converting these into fat—even the good calories like whole grain, fruits and veggies. It is not an excuse to overdo on anything because they are good calories. You need to know what your daily portions should be and burn these off with the right activities.

Eliminating a particular food group

Some people don’t take in carbohydrates. Others ditch on protein. While there are those who concentrate purely on veggies. And we must admit that there are weight loss programs which adhere to eliminating a certain food group to lose the pounds.

The thing is, we need a balanced diet—not too little, not too much. If we miss out on a certain food group, this can lead to weight gain, malnutrition, irritability and digestive issues.  

For instance, if you have switched to becoming a vegetarian, try to complement your veggie-centric diet with a half-cup of beans, or a couple tablespoons of nuts to add in the carbs and protein.

Not eating often enough 

There are those of us who avoid eating a certain meal or two to lose the pounds—like avoiding dinner because this is the time when activity is low. But I tell you, this can sap away your energy and even give you mood swings. Instead of helping you lose weight, it can even hamper your metabolism.

It’s not about eating too often and not eating often enough. It’s about what you eat and how much. Plus your activities to burn them. When you address this, you can eat every three to five hours.

Going for the quick fix 

There are a lot of fad diets on the market. Most of them promise that you are going to lose the pounds quickly (almost overnight!) And yes, we’ve heard of success stories before. But this is one of the common mistakes in weight loss. Achieving a healthy body does not happen in a week. It takes a whole lot of mind shift, habit-forming and even lifestyle change.

If you go for a rapid and drastic low-calorie weight loss diet your body has the tendency to shift into a conservation mode which will make you burn calories slower. Yes, it can cause temporary weight loss, but it can also cause headaches, moodiness, fatigue, cravings. And more often than not, you gain the weight back at double the rate. 

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