Best Ways to Prevent Obesity

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Prevent obesity by eating!


Okay, you can stop scratching your head now. You read it right. The answer to obesity is not eating less or starving yourself to death with all the fad diets on the market. It is about eating well.

1. Do not skip breakfast

Contrary to what most people think that skipping breakfast will lose them a few pounds, studies actually show eating a healthy breakfast helps one consume fewer calories throughout the day.

2. Choose to eat foods high in fiber

High-fiber foods keeps you full with few calories and little fat.  Eating more whole grains provides you with a good source of nutrients such as magnesium and vitamin B6.

3. Eat Raw, Leafy Green Vegetables

Aside from the fact that greens and raw vegetables are remarkably low in calories, they are also high in water, rich in vitamins C and E, folate, and carotenoids which are important for your overall health.

4. Eat fish, chicken and beans

Fish, chicken and beans are good sources of protein. Although, you should not overdo on the portion of protein, it is just as important to eat some protein with every meal. When you're dieting getting enough protein helps you lose the fat, not the muscle.

5. Go for the healthy nuts

The healthy fat in nuts is deemed to make people feel full which can prevent cravings and can help you shed the pounds. The protein in nuts also uses calories as it gets digested. According to studies, the majority of people who eat nuts on a regular basis have lower BMIs than those who don’t.

6. Take in a lot of calcium
Aside from protein, calcium is an essential element on how fat is broken down and stored. Note that the more calcium in a fat cell, the more fat it burns. You can eat low-fat dairy foods, broccoli and fortified orange juice as most effective sources of calcium.

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