A Personal Weight Loss Success Story

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David before & after

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing David Ryan who kindly agreed to share his incredible Weight Loss Success Story. 





 David reveals the secrets to his successful weight loss.  David's life if full, he is a father of 4 children, 43 years of age, married and owns his own mortgage broker business.  He recalls that as a child he was always very active and never had a weight problem. But as life became busier with more and more adult responsibilities he believes his weight gain can be attributed to simply eating too much bad food and leading a very inactive life. Earlier this year, David participated in The Boyer 30 Day "Super Butcher Challenge"   This involved 30 minutes per day of low-intensity exercise.  Walking 10,000 steps each day, adhering to the cooking methods to prepare the simple nutritional menus and and enjoying the support of fellow participants and facilitators Derek and Sally Boyer .  

We hope his story will inspire and help you in your own weight loss journey. If you would like a full copy of the transcript please request in the comments below or email info@weightlosspersonalstories.com


David,Susan & The Boyers
For more information on the diet David followed go to: www.BoyerWeightloss.com  


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