7 Tips to Starting a Healthy Weight Loss Plan

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Weight Loss Plan​Weight loss? Studies show weight related resolutions comprise 38% of the types of resolutions that people make at the beginning of each year. But according to Time Magazine, “60% of gym memberships go unused and attendance is usually back to normal by mid-February.”

At other times of the year, people tend to think about weight loss whenever there's a big or special event coming up—a wedding or an anniversary perhaps. After all, it is a human tendency to want to present our best and losing weight seems to be the key to feeling good about ourselves.

So, how about a shift in paradigm? Instead of using the excuse of a special event or the traditional setting of a New Year's resolution, why not start a healthy weight loss plan right NOW?

Easier said than done? If you think about it, it can be daunting and stressful. However, you can choose not to listen to your mind and make the change exhilarating and exciting.

Develop a healthy weight loss plan. It will help you keep your focus on achieving your goals towards weight loss success and maybe even write your own weight loss success story.

As you consider starting a healthy weight loss plan, it's crucial to remember these tips:

1.Change from the inside out. Examine your current state of health and why you want to lose weight. Go deeper within yourself because weight issues are more than a physical concern. Ask yourself your attitude towards these issues—you may be holding beliefs that you need to address before beginning any process of change. It's significant to look within yourself because what you will discover will either move you toward, or away from, the goals you set.

2. Be specific with what you want. Specify exactly what you plan to do and mark your planner on these specifics. For instance, say "I'm going to use the stairs instead of the elevator from now on," rather than "I'm going to exercise."

3. Let your plan be trackable. Commit to your plan in a journal or a diary.This will enable you to monitor your progress in a visible way.

4. Your plan must be expressed positively. Using "I will" rather than "I won't" will keep you motivated. Positive goals will make you feel good about your plan and eventually your successes.

5. Let your plan be personal. Let your weight loss plan be about you. Don't lose weight to please or impress others. You are the most important aspect in your weight loss plan.

6. Include in your plan ways to reward yourself. Write it down to remember that for each small victory you will get more than an imaginary pat on the shoulder—you will gift yourself a nice reward that will serve as your building blocks for long-term success.

7. Let your plan be realistic. What is achievable—walking for two hours a day or using the stairs three times a week? Gauge your lifestyle and schedule to achieve long-term success. You need to have a healthy weight loss plan customized to your daily schedule and lifestyle.

I would love to hear from you. If you have started your own healthy weight loss plan, how about sharing your success with us in the comments section below?

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