GOOD NEWS For Anyone Diagnosed As Dangerously Overweight Or Obese!

Breathtaking Stories Of Determination And Will Power to Overcome Obesity and Prevent Life Threatening Diseases for GOOD… 7 Remarkable People Tell Their Stories And Each One Reveals …

“How I beat my life-long battle with weight and how YOU can too!”

How I Beat Obesity – Seven Personal Stories

“This is a true story of my transformation from obesity and chronic disease to outstanding health.  I used to be borderline diabetic.  I was suffering from a blood sugar disorder that was clearly hypoglycemia; I also suffered from severe back pain.  I decided to make changes.  The only thing that really worked long term was to just completely reform my lifestyle.  So today, it’s rather rewarding to announce that I am now 100% free of back pain.”

That’s Mike’s story … whose holistic approach and powerful positive thinking transformed his life… read on and discover the uplifting stories from six other amazing people.

Get OFF the Yo-Yo Diet Cycle NOW! End Your Feelings Of Frustration.
Avoid Your Mistakes of the Past And Move Forward to a Healthier Happier You.

To:  You or one of your loved ones who are suffering from the stigma of being dangerously overweight, OR if you have been medically diagnosed as Obese.  Would you like to end your despair, frustration and feeling ashamed of yourself over your weight once and for all?

From:  Darren James who has found through his research his own solutions to weight issues that were plaguing his health.

Dear friend,

This could be the most uplifting message you have ever read.

The truth is…

Constantly battling with your weight really sucks!  It doesn’t matter how positive you try and be sometimes, right?

You feel frustrated, afraid, isolated, and worried about your health in the future.

Relax. You’re not alone and help is at hand. Read on and discover how others have coped with their diagnosis of being obese and how they battled through and eventually WON. But I must warn you…

There is no ONE perfect solution or magic remedy to success in weight loss.

In fact, more than one approach can be adopted.

That is why; I have put together this e-Book entitled “How I Beat Obesity – Seven Personal Stories.”

In it, you’ll discover 7 amazing people with one thing in common … they all had been dangerously overweight, medically diagnosed as Obese or Morbidly Obese and were in danger of developing chronic conditions and life threatening diseases such as:

  • Type 2  Diabetes
  • Obesity MedicationHigh blood pressure
  • Atherosclerosis (a process of progressive thickening and hardening of the walls of medium-sized and large arteries as a result of fat deposits on their inner lining)
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Stroke
  • Some cancers
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Reduced life expectancy

But here’s the good news.

Every one of these seven remarkable people beat their diagnosis. They’re living proof that being obese can be overcome and you can turn-back your life expectancy body clock and start to live a healthy life, free from the life threatening diseases and problems associated with obesity.

You see, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

But first, let me explain how this book came about … let me take you back to when I first was diagnosed as a border-line pre-diabetic.  It was a day that truly changed my life.

A Simple Visit To My Doctor That Finally Made Me Listen To The Warning!

I went to my General Practitioner for my regular check up to discuss the outcome of recent blood work.

Always having an attitude of “better safe than sorry”, there I was explaining to her that I had been feeling a bit lethargic and thought this was just due to the extra weight I had recently gained.

Her reaction surprised me. She immediately got me to step onto the scales and explained what the results of the blood work showed.

Then she said to me… “If you don’t make some drastic changes to your lifestyle and lose weight, I will have to put you on medication.”

Ok, I only needed to loose 12kg. But I still felt sick to my stomach because I felt that once I was on medication I was on a slippery slope downwards!

But, how could this be happening to me?

Obesity Gone FishingYou see, I grew up in a small beach-side town in Victoria, Australia.  My family made up the small community of fisher-folk as my grandfather was a professional fisherman.

Squid, scallops, fish and lobster were the staples of our diet. I didn’t eat junk food as a kid, it wasn’t even readily available and Mum and Dad couldn’t afford it anyway. Even meat was considered a luxury!

When I was at school, for SIX years I got up at 5am to start work as a newspaper delivery boy, with 100+ newspapers ‘strapped’ to my back AND I played around 10-12 sets of tennis EVERY week!

Every day revolved around sport. There was football
(Australian Rules), basketball, fishing and cricket to play. We rode our bikes everywhere too!   So, where had I gone wrong?

Then I went home and told my wife!

After my visit to the doctor, when I got home and told my wife, she said “I’m not surprised; you know it’s not really your fault if you take into account your family history”.

Although I come from a normal working-class background.  Just about every member of my family and extended family on my Mother’s side has struggled with their weight for most of their lives.

I’d go so far as to say they have more than struggled; as three family members have undergone lap-band surgery within the last 10 years as a ‘last resort’ to overcoming their weight issues.

And like most families, in hind-sight, we can probably attribute our weight to other health factors that have been experienced in the family.

So, I understand first-hand the problems associated with weight loss and obesity.

When I started to surf the internet for any information on obesity and weight management, I found lots of clinical sites and websites selling all sorts diets and exercise programs, and promising miraculous cures. It’s a mind-field out there, and I know from my own experiences, I have been desperate enough to lose weight I have tried just about every diet there is!

I became frustrated and confused with the huge volume of information that was out there, especially when so much of it was written in medical jargon and simply talked about the problem and focused on the cure (i.e. another diet) and not prevention!

It was at this stage that I started researching.


News In 1950, 700 million people worldwide were malnourished with 100 million people obese.

In 2010, 800 million people worldwide were malnourished with 500 million people obese.

The following statistics were taken from an SBS Television documentary on “Global Obesity” in October 2012.


Did you know…

  • In Brazil a staggering 50% of Adults are obese.
  • In Mexico that figure is 30%.
  • In China – One Third of Adults are overweight.

380 million people are overweight or obese.
A recent documentary reported that obesity is becoming a Global problem and predicted:
By 2030, 1 Billion People on the planet will be obese.

Wow, imagine the impact this will have for our already stressed medical services and the economic drain to our societies!

In fact, the cost per year to the United States alone is 2.1 billion US dollars!

Is it Possible to Overcome Obesity and Prevent Life Threatening Diseases for GOOD?

I started to wonder if anyone had beat their weight battle on their own as an alternative to spending thousands of dollars resorting to having drastic surgery, or; if surgery was a ‘last-resort’, what was their personal experience and would they be willing to tell their stories and their pathways to success.

Why personal stories? Well, personal stories have a longer lasting effect because if they resonate with us they can stick with us for life, we don’t have to constantly refer back to them because their message sits in our subconscious, helping to guide us through life’s daily challenges.

If you think about it, how much of the information from the diverse range of  subjects and text books from your school days have you retained?  Not much!
In life, true change in behavior is not achieved through text books or coercion, but through people, and being inspired by those we can identify with.


When I started my search to find personal experiences I quickly discovered how willing they were to share their stories.  One of the amazing stories recounts …

“There were two main weight loss periods in my life.  The first was when I was 21 years of age.  My sister bought me a membership to Jenny Craig’s Weight Loss Program.”  The second was “With my sister’s help, she suggested I undergo Lap Band Surgery.”

That’s Melinda’s story.  She also told me that she felt that a comprehensive, user-friendly, non-intimidating and positive book about how to overcome obesity was much needed, and re-counting actual real-life stories would be more personal and powerful.

So that is how this e-book came to be.  All of the stories told in: “How I Beat Obesity – Seven Personal Stories”; uncovers some really practical answers to the questions which were going around in their heads after their diagnosis.  That’s why I have started the book with an Introduction Chapter of Frequently Asked Questions in easy-to-read, plain-English.  Questions like:

1.What causes obesity?
What are the causes of obesity and what exactly does being obese mean?

2.Is there a medical cause?
Could it be that I was born to become a bigger person?

3.Who is most at risk of developing obesity and at what age?
How do I know if I am at risk based on my age?

4.Can obesity be prevented?
Should I have gone to the doctor sooner? What impact has this delay made?

5.How do I know if I am obese?
Why it is such a problem to be diagnosed obese. How worried should I be?

6.What is BMI and how is it calculated?
How is your body mass index calculated and why is it important?

7.How can obesity be cured either medically or through lifestyle changes?
What options are available to me?

8.What are the health implications if left untreated?
The reading I’d done said that there were medical problems associated with obesity. What are the life threatening diseases?

9.What are the types of surgery available?
If there was some new treatment out there, what are the types of surgery available to me?

10.What support groups are available for people diagnosed with obesity?

Each of the participants who were interviewed and share their stories have overcome obesity and believe it helps to talk to others, especially about their feelings in the early stages.

Most had un-resolved emotional issues – in some cases since childhood.

Obesity Child Eating Burger


It is believed that Children who are obese are likely to be obese as adults.

Health disorders in obese children can include:liver disease, early puberty or menarche,eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, skin infections, and asthma and other respiratory problems.

Developing obesity during adolescence has been found to have caused carotid arteries which have caused premature aging by as much as thirty years!


How Family Support can HELP…

When you read the collection of Personal Stories you will learn how ’family’ has had an impact on their success and how their families have best offered their support.

Other’s tell how they have opted for counseling support or share the fact they have rekindled their spiritual beliefs to assist them on their personal weight loss journeys.

It has been incredible how people were willing to share their stories. They are all there in the book.

But, don’t just take my word for it…

“As an obese person who has tried many diets and health fads over the years, I resonated with Melinda Adams story in the e-book.  I was able to follow sequentially her story through the eye catching sub headings.
I had a stomach staple over 10 years ago.  I weighed 149kg on the day of surgery.  The reason for the surgery is obvious.  I was unhealthy, (I have a ‘floppy valve’, which is a heart condition and a heat ‘murmur’) unhappy and just looked like an ugly walrus.  Walking was difficult, and the stigma of going out and having people stare is unforgettable.  Also I had a wardrobe of about 4 tent like dresses.  I was teaching full time and it was a chore to be able to do activities with the kids.  Now you would thing I ate a lot.  Well I ate less than my 5 year old at the time.  But the years of yo yo dieting and lack of exercise had taken its toll on my metabolism.  Now don’t get me wrong, I did eat the wrong food, junk food but not huge amounts at a time.  I preferred to graze the day away in between small meals.
The stomach staple surgery was my last resort.  Lap band surgery was not yet available.  Reading Melinda’s story was similar to mine with regards to the weight loss.  I lost 15 kg in the first 2-3 weeks after the surgery and the weight kept dropping.  But…I lacked nutrition and was in a constant mal-nutrition state.  I had to take vitamins.  I was not shown or given any post-surgery advice and no support.  I lost 60kg but have regained 30kg.  Yes staples still in.
Melinda’s story has inspired me to seek dietary support for ongoing health with my stapled stomach.  I have made contact with the web site she mentions in her story and will be contacting them for advice and see where I can find support.  Also I am booking into a naturopath.  So indeed this e-book has proven very worthwhile.   I am now on track to finding and sustaining a good healthy weight and lifestyle.”

Maryann Leonard, Victoria, Australia

Seen enough?

Get your e-book NOW

They are real, warts and all, “here’s how I did it” stories. Real stories, about real people, who had beaten the odds and overcome their weight loss battles for good!

Melinda’s Story

First there is Melinda’s story.  Melinda is 42 years of age and single. “At my biggest, I was an embarrassing 215kg’s.”  Melinda was delighted to report in her interview that she has maintained her current weight of 85kg’s for the last year.  Looking back, she believes the causes of her weight were a combination of family behavior of food choices, portion sizes and an inactive lifestyle.  Her decision to undergo Lap Band Surgery was not taken lightly however she hopes that her story, results and the changes it has made to her life will inspire other’s considering this option.

So, you will read Melinda took the drastic step opting for surgery to solve her obesity problem.

But, this is just ONE story… read on and discover how others finally overcame their daily battles with their weight

Luke’s Story

FerriswheelNext is Luke, who talks openly about how he struggled with his weight issues.

Like many of the stories told, the most dramatic increase in weight came once Luke had left home.

From the time he was in his early 20’s Luke tells of his dieting experiences “The problem was that my weight loss was only temporary and I began a situation of yo-yo dieting.”

The trouble was that after each diet he gained even more weight, as he recalls; “At this time, I knew I had a deeper issue, which wouldn’t go away.”

Luke talks about how he started to make small changes and worked on changing his bad habits slowly and how the importance of now feeling in control of his weight loss has led to long-term life changing success.

You too can overcome your emotions… stopping you from succeeding!

Here’s how Mike turned his diagnosis around…

Mike’s Story

Mike has literally turned his diagnosis of being obese, diabetic and hypoglycemic upside down.  So much so, that he is now dedicated to helping other’s by sharing health news through his website and educates others on the benefits that adopting a life-style of homeopathic remedies can have on your body and well-being.

Oliver’s Story

Oliver was medically diagnosed with obesity in 2008, after fighting weight issues for more than 15 years of his life.
In his story he says, “After a very serious illness and being close to death in 2008, I finally became determined to lose the weight.”

Oliver lost 85 Ibs in 12 months and believes that mindset is a key factor in overcoming obesity.  He says, “I had a negative, ‘live for the moment attitude’. I have now completely changed the way that I see everything in life. It is this attitude and my new zest for life that ultimately allowed me to deal with my obesity and get back to a healthy weight.”

Oliver tells of the steps he used to help him lose weight, and how he looked inward to find the strength from his spiritual discipline to help him get through the very tough times.

Oliver dealt with the problem that was holding back his success.

Natalie’s Story

Natalie began using herbal remedies in order to lose weight.

herbal supplementsNatalie’s story starts by stating “I was medically diagnosed as obese 4 years ago.”  She used to be one of those people who looked at other obesity success stories and thought, “that’s just not me – my circumstances are really different to those people.”

Natalie began using herbal remedies in order to lose weight and she shares the benefits of using these in her story.

Natalie describes her use of herbal supplements to her diet along with her changing eating and life-style habits and contributes these to her now being a healthy weight for her 5’5 frame.

Amanda’s Story

Amanda describes her emotional journey, “This is such a hard, emotionally raw topic for me.”

In the beginning she had no idea how she was going to set about shedding the 110 Ibs of excess weight and recalls, “It’s hard to even own up to the fact that you need to lose 100+Ibs. Nobody starts off life at 265 Ibs, but over the years somehow you just wake up one day and it’s gotten to that point. I didn’t like looking in the mirror or stepping on the scale. And I couldn’t stand photos of myself either.”

That was July 2009, and Amanda really wanted to share her story as it may help other people.

Ralf’s Story

And finally there’s Ralf, who has shed an amazing 300Ibs and talks about the best and most effective diet plan he has ever tried and believes it to be the best natural way of burning fat without surgery.

Ralf says that although the diet is safe and easy it has still been a long and hard process.  He believes; “The fat loss I have experienced while using this diet has been nothing but amazing, truly revolutionary. I didn’t think it was possible.”

You can follow Ralf’s story as he describes the diet plan he followed and why he believes it to be a weight loss diet that really works.

By The Time You’ve Finished Reading. “How I Beat Obesity – Seven Personal Stories”… You’ll Feel Like A New Person, With A New, More Positive Outlook!

One of the things that impressed me most about the seven personal stories was what they all had in common. And it wasn’t about the clinical stuff, the stuff that most of the other websites are about. It was the emotional stuff, the mental attitude of these remarkable people. It was the certainty inside them that said “I’m going to change. I’m not going to let it ruin my health and my life.”

To me that showed extraordinary strength of character, and yet here were these seven “ordinary” people finding this strength inside themselves. I loved the way they shared in their stories, how they kept positive even at the lowest moments. It seemed to me reading all the stories that one of the keys to their success was their change in their attitude to their diagnoses of being obese. Something that wasn’t being talked about anywhere else.


There were so many inspirational stories I just had to add ONE MORE as a BONUS! I had to include Joyce’s Story…Joyce shares how she adopted a multi-phased approach to her weight loss objectives. Obesity Bird Flying


Joyce’s Story

Initially, Joyce attended an Overeaters Anonymous (OA) meeting.  When she walked into the meetings she recalls “I felt a weight lift off my shoulders (no pun intended).” and she no longer felt alone, frightened or ashamed and says, “I went from a state of learned helplessness to one of empowering self-responsibility.”

Joyce also believes her decision to switch to a vegan diet to be foundation for the healthy lifestyle she has today.  Joyce shares her diet plan and the ‘six tools’ she has devised which have helped her to stay motivated.

So FINALLY, after months of research and compiling many real-life stories, I’d like to share this book with you and HELP you choose the perfect combined Diet and Exercise Regime plan that is right for YOU!

If you have read this far… you are probably at your ‘wits end’!… Right?

Obesity Healthy Life SignIf you have ever promised yourself “This time I’ll make it work!”…

Then you NEED to read these powerful Personal Stories.

You will be inspired, motivated and enjoy the benefits from having access to various methods of weight loss in one easy-to-read format.

“How I Beat Obesity– Seven Personal Stories is an e-book, so it’s available immediately to download.

When you click that pay now button expect to get ready for the start of a total change in your life (for a better, healthier you).  But it takes work.  Commit to a change in life-style and attitude now and never look back again.

Don’t let your past mistakes impact on your life and ruin your health.

All of the stories told in: “How I Beat Obesity – Seven Personal Stories”; uncovers some really practical answers and methods to use so that you can avoid the silly mistakes you have made in the past.

Here’s the thing: it’s not your fault.

You may have grown up with the wrong food groups and eating habits as a child.  Your parents may have unknowingly bought and prepared the food they believed to be the right choice for you (they may not have known better themselves).

OR, the wheels may have really came off when you left home and it became easier to buy the pre-prepared meal to the freshly prepared option and take-out became the staple of your diet. increased wealth and prosperity many first world countries have enjoyed over the last 50 years has contributed to our lifestyle today.

We now have a better understanding of the impact wrong food choices have and that too much processed food or larger portions of food equals a higher intake of ‘recommended’ calories which therefor increases our weight.

It is scary to witness developing third-world countries; India, China, Brazil and Mexico’s spiraling obesity endemic as their accessibility to food and the aspirations to ‘copy’ wealthy nations success is creating a culture of fast food, excess, larger portions and is very quickly altering the population from a situation of malnourishment to obesity.

You see, so it REALLY is NOT YOUR FAULT.  It’s just the way life is now, temptation is everywhere!

That is why each of the stories told in: “How I Beat Obesity – Seven Personal Stories” are so amazing!  They reveal that to be successful in your weight loss quest, you must first understand that success starts in your mind.

personal stories

Unless you have the right mindset and attitude, you can never be truly successful in your overcoming your weight issues.

You need to dig deep from within and get clear about your reasons for change, set yourself simple goals and targets and reward yourself along the way (with anything BUT food!).

It’s interesting that all of the participants in the book managed to turn their depression, fear and frustration around to a feeling of being in-control and discovered how truly wonderful they felt on the inside and looked on the outside.

But don’t just take my word for it… Here’s what others have said after reading the e-Book…

ebook recommendation

weight loss

Take charge of your health destiny NOW!



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How I Beat Obesity – Seven Personal Stories

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How I Beat Obesity – Seven Personal Stories

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